Probond filter cartridge – for paints, inks, adhesives and other viscous resin products.

ProBond filter cartridges are designed specifically for the filtration of paints, inks, adhesives, varnishes, resins, oils, gels, non-potable water, coolant fluids, sealants and lubricants. ProBond works with a patented two layer spiral wrap design to provide long service life in these high solids/classification applications. ProBond also increases strength of the filter cartridge due to the acrylic fibers impregnated with a phenol-formaldehyde resin.

ProBond Competitive Advantages
ProBond is similar to the Microklean from 3M and the Hi-V from Pall, but ProBond has some unique advantages over these two products:

ProBond is the far cleaner cartridge – debris and particles can’t get into customer’s process.
ProBond is able to handle higher pressure which allows for longer life with viscous fluids and less frequent change outs.
ProBond is stronger – which equates to more GPM which results in increased productivity.
ProBond lengths are continous – no opportunity for bypass.
ProBond micron ratings are better differentiated – more control to serve a customer’s application. ProBond also works with discrete diameters and lengths.
ProBond is able to offer efficiencies below 8micron (2micron and 5micron).
ProBond has an outer rib layer to trap large particles and extend cartridge life.
ProBond reduces fibre dust.

ProBond benefits

- Each fabric type is unique in its fiber composition resulting in true differentiation between micron ratings.
- Fabrics are coated with high grade thermoset phenolic resin that gives ProBond superior strength and prevents brittleness or breakdown.
- Certified silicone free composition for good coating adhesion and broad chemical compatibility.
- One piece construction on any available length for increased surface area and no risk of bypass.
- Available in a variety of configurations – cored, capped, finned, with springs, core extenders, or 222 o-ring.
- Long fibers and high grade resin result in ProBond being the cleanest of all resin bonded filters.
- We offer a backup stock agreement for customers who order several times a year for faster lead times.
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ProBond features
  • - Unique two stage, continuous length filtration design
    • - Strengthens cartridge, eliminates bypass, eases operator change-out
  • - Strong resin bonded, graded density depth cartridge
  • - Designed for high temperature filtration applications up to 121Celsius (250Fahrenheit
  • - Available in a broad range of micron ratings from 2-150 micron
ProBond – Your best option for processing viscous fluids
  • - Maximize particle retention
  • - Increase service life

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